• Get a Base on Your Scrusher!!

    Concerned about where you want to place your Scrusher boot cleaner? ... Don't worry,... make it mobile! Add a base for the Original or the Deluxe Scrusher boot brush, you can even have it personalized if you'd like!

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  • Personalized Scrusher Boot Brush

    Personalize our Original SCRUSHER® boot cleaners by adding a decorative base with cut-outs you select.

    Customized SCRUSHERS® make a great gift!

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  • Original Scrusher with Standard Base

    Scrusher boot brush bases are sold separately and a great way to make your Scrusher mobile!!!

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  • Original Scrusher Boot Cleaner

    Our Original SCRUSHER® boot and shoe cleaners have a satin black finish with maple trim brush. The entire family can use the SCRUSHER® to remove dirt, mud and slush from their sneakers, shoes and boots. This boot brush is safe for shoes and boots and is meant for year round outdoor use. Scrushers make a great gift!

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  • Deluxe Scrusher with Base

    Now you can have a heavy duty boot and shoe cleaner. An excellent way to promote your business, while keeping floors clean! Great for garages, barns, ranches and shop areas. Even the thickest mud doesn't stand a chance against the three sets of boot brushes on the Deluxe SCRUSHER®.

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  • Sani-Scrusher

    Protect Your Livestock and Poultry, The new and improved Sani-Scrush Boot Wash, in use on farms nationwide, is a proven low-cost and effective way to prevent the spread of contagious animal disease! Place them at the doorways and entrances to all barns, pens and poultry sheds. Just add disinfectant and water to the Big Red portable stainless steel container and it's ready to use!

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  • Scrusher Wash - Modification Kit

    Turn your Scrusher brush into a Mud Eating Monster with our Scrusher Modification Kit (SMK).

    The ultimate boot cleaning kit if you already have a Scrusher! You already know the toughest caked on clay and mud or poo are the most difficult to remove! Now just add water, but even better than water, is a directed jet stream of water, in combination with the Scrusher shoe and boot brush to remove the toughest mess any jobsite dishes out!

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  • ELITE Dryer & Deodorizer

    Keep'em Scrusher Clean and Dry wtih Peet Shoe Dryers!

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Scrusher - Proudly made in the USA.
Proudly made in the USA.

Scrusher - Something Soecial from Wisconsin

Scrusher Boot and Shoe Cleaners

The SCRUSHER® shoe cleaner and boot cleaner, as well as all products on this site, are made by Chaseburg Manufacturing, Inc., located in Coon Valley, Wisconsin (USA). All of our products are designed, fabricated and assembled at our plant. Buy American. Buy SCRUSHER®!

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