Scrusher = Keeping DIRT outdoors not on the floors!
  • NEW! Stainless Steel Scrusher

    Scrusher, The Original we keep innovating and improving because that's the right thing to do!

    Still Proudly Made in the USA, Wisconsin

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  • Original Scrusher Boot & Shoe Cleaner - H1

    Our Original SCRUSHER® boot & shoe cleaners have a satin black finish with maple trim brush. The entire family can use the SCRUSHER® to remove dirt, mud and slush from their sneakers, shoes and boots. This boot brush is safe for shoes and boots and is meant for year round outdoor use. Scrushers make a great gift!

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  • Original Scrusher with Gripper Base - H1PBG

    The Gripper base is a NEW coating that provides the additional gripping texture for the wet, mud and snow - keeps you Scrushing during those harsh conditions. Get the gripper working for you today!

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  • Deluxe Scrusher with Base - I4PB

    Now you can have a heavy duty boot and shoe cleaner. An excellent way to promote your business, while keeping floors clean! Great for garages, barns, ranches and shop areas. Even the thickest mud doesn't stand a chance against the three sets of boot brushes on the Deluxe SCRUSHER®.

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Scrusher - Proudly made in the USA.
Proudly made in the USA.

Scrusher vs. Scrubber

Scrusher Boot and Shoe Cleaners

The SCRUSHER® shoe cleaner and boot cleaner, as well as all products on this site, are made by Chaseburg Manufacturing, Inc., located in Coon Valley, Wisconsin (USA). All of our products are designed, fabricated and assembled at our plant. Buy American. Buy SCRUSHER®!