Made In USA


When Marcia Meshbesher told her husband to take his boots off before he came into the house, she planted the idea for what is now a Wisconsin-made product with worldwide distribution. In 1984, Meshbesher purchased a building in Chaseburg, Wisconsin without really knowing what they were going to do with it.

That building became Chaseburg Manufacturing - Home of the SCRUSHER®. In 1986, the company began producing the golf shoe SCRUSHER® shoe brush after Meshbesher sold the idea to Standard Golf Equipment Company in Iowa. Now the SCRUSHER® shoe and boot brush is on more than half of the golf courses in the U.S. and Europe. First came the golf shoe cleaner SCRUSHER®, an industrial model and then a simple household shoe cleaner and boot cleaner version of Scrusher®.

In 1996 we built a new building in Coon Valley Wisconsin and expanded it again in 1998. Marcia passed away early in January of 2015 and we continue to build on her legacy of honesty, integrity and two SCRUSHERS® for every household. One for the front door and one for the back door!
Today the SCRUSHER® shoe and boot cleaners come in many models, customized or personalized forms.

In addition to the SCRUSHER®, Chaseburg Manufacturing offers metal fabricated products, custom fabricated products and services for the home, farm and industries. Visit Chaseburg Manufacturing for more on our construction, agriculture, and specialty products.