Made In USA

Warranty Policy

The company Chaseburg Manufacturing Inc., (CMI), and the Scrusher® products, hereby represent and warrant that any Scrusher® product sold and manufactured by CMI under this agreement and any replacement products are;


(a) free and clear of any liens, security interests, or encumbrances of any nature;


(b) have been designed, manufactured, labeled, packaged, stored, exported, and sold by CMI in accordance with all known laws and requirements;


(c) specific to the Scrusher® products, carry a full five year frame warranty.

Frame warranty includes weldment breakage or separation. It does not include paint, damage from outside sources or misapplications.


(Normal business hours 7am to 3:30pm M-F, CST). We appreciate your continued loyalty to Chaseburg Manufacturing Inc. & Scrusher brand of shoe and boot cleaners, 100% made in the USA!



Robert Flottmeyer

President & CEO