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Return and Refund Policy

Product Returns

Conditions of Return:

  1. Chaseburg Manufacturing Inc., (CMI), reserves the right to except returned products based upon the products condition to be placed back in stock and sold without any additional costs as a new product, (this includes packaging condition).
  2. All returns require a return goods authorization, (RGA), from CMI.
  3. Only current production items may be returned.

Open Invoice Items:
Products may be returned on all open invoices without a restocking charge if the above conditions are met and products are returned freight prepaid. Overstock items: Product returns for overstock items are negotiated prior to each return and must first meet the above conditions. Overstock items may be subject to a restocking charge based on costs to restock.

Customer Returns:
Product returns directly from the end user MUST have prior approval and notifications. RGA’s must be clearly displayed on the exterior of the shipping package. Returns are acceptable if the above conditions are met. Confirmation of applicable warranties should be considered prior to requesting a RGA. Shipping damage is not considered a valid return or warranty item.

Refund Policy

Once items have been received, and all above condition have been met, refunds will be returned within 30 days of the requirements being met. Funds will be returned in the same manner as the original purchase.