Made In USA

Decorative Base Designs and Finish Options

Original SCRUSHER® with decorative base can be ordered in the design and finish color options shown below. Finish colors may appear different depending on photo lighting.

Apple Base - Green hammertone finish option

Bear Base - Black Satin Textured Finish

Butterfly Scrusher boot brush base
Butterfly Base - Copper Vein Finish

Deer Scrusher boot brush base
Deer Base - Black Satin Textured Finish

Dog Scrusher boot brush base
Black Lab Pup Base - Black Satin Textured Finish

Eagle Base - Copper Vein Finish

Elk Scrusher boot brush base
Elk Base - Copper Vein Finish

Fisherman/Fish Base - Copper Vein Finish

Frog Scrusher boot brush base
Frog Base - Green Hammertone Finish

Horse Base - Black Satin Textured Finish

Hunter/Dog Base - Copper Vein Finish

Loon Base - Copper Vein Finish

Chinese Scrusher boot brush base
Mandarin Peace Symbol - Copper Vein Finish

Moose Base Design
Moose Base - Silver Vein Finish

Pheasant Base Design
Pheasant Base - Copper Vein Finish

Base Finishes

Satin Black Finish
Black Satin

Black Satin Textured
Black Satin Textured

Copper Vein Finish
Copper Vein

Silver Vein
Silver Vein

Green Hammertone Finish
Green Hammertone