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Shoe and Boot Cleaner

Scrusher® Boot and Shoe Cleaner

Keep Dirt OUTDOORS, not on the floors!

Keep dirt outdoors not on your floors with an Original Scrusher® boot brush and shoe cleaner. Everyone loves the great outdoors except when it’s tracked across the carpet. Now there’s a way to keep the outdoors where it belongs. With just a few passes through the brushes the Original Scrusher® boot brush removes dirt, mud and slush from any type of boot or shoe.

The SCRUSHER® boot brush and shoe brush, as well as all products on this site, are made by Chaseburg Manufacturing, Inc. , located in Coon Valley, Wisconsin (USA). All of our products are designed, fabricated and assembled at our plant. Buy American. Buy SCRUSHER®!

A Scrusher being used to clean boots

The Original Shoe and Boot Cleaner!