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Scrusher Plastic Replacement Brush Set - Deluxe & Big Boot

Price: $55.27

Plus shipping & handling


Revive your Deluxe or Big Boot Scrusher® with our Scrusher® replacement brushes. The HDPE Plastic Replacement Brush Set gives you everything you need to make your Scrusher® boot brush like new again. Get ready to step into a refreshed cleaning experience! 

  • Includes 5 non-porous and food grade HDPE plastic brushes.  
  • 2 side brushes, 3 bottom brushes and new replacement hardware (6 screws). 
  • Replacement instructions included.
  • Same great design that you’ve come to love! 
  • Proudly American-made! Every Scrusher® boot brush and shoe cleaner is crafted and assembled in the USA. Support local craftsmanship and step into quality you can trust.

† Conversion is approximate. Price will be charged as $55.27 USD.

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