Scrusher = Keeping DIRT outdoors not on the floors!

Original SCRUSHER® With Base

Original SCRUSHER® With Base

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The Scrusher® boot and shoe cleaner all but eliminates dirt, mud, grime and snow from tramping in your door. Attractive and efficient, the entire family can use the Scrusher® to remove dirt, mud and slush from their sneakers, shoes and boots.

Our Scrusher® products with bases, decorative bases and personalized bases keep your Scrusher® in place and add a decorative touch.  Great for gifts!


  • Portable base to keep Scrusher in place when cleaning footwear.
  • Six rubber feet prevent scratching.
  • Weather Resistant UV Powder Coated Frame.
  • All Scrusher® boot brushes are made and assembled in the USA.
  • Hard maple wood brush sets to keep the bristles in place year round.
  • Side bristles are made of softer poly, won't scratch shoes.
  • Bottom bristles thoroughly clean soles of footwear.
  • Affordable, makes a great gift!

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