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Original SCRUSHER® With Decorative Base

Original SCRUSHER® With Decorative Base

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Item#: H1CPB

Elevate your porch or RV entryway with the stylish designs now available for the Original Scrusher® Boot Brush and Shoe Cleaner. Add a personal touch and enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space

Great gifts for mom, dad, friends, coworkers, and clients! Click here to view our designs and finish colors.

Popular designs & colors

  • Eagle – Copper Vein
  • Fisherman/Fish – Copper Vein
  • Bear – Silver Vein
  • Black Lab Pup – Copper Vein
  • Horse – Silver Vein
  • Hunter/Dog – Copper Vein
  • Deer – Silver Vein
  • Loon – Copper Vein
  • Elk – Copper Vein
  • Moose – Silver Vein
  • Pheasant – Copper Vein

Decorative Scrusher® Features

  • Attached to a portable 6”x22” steel Scrusher® base, it’s easy to pick up and use anywhere.
  • Six rubber feet prevent scratching.
  • Weather-resistant steel frame and base have a sleek black UV powder-coated finish 
  • Durable hard maple wood brushes are beautiful and long lasting. 
  • Designed 4 evenly spaced boot brushes / shoe brushes- 2 side and 2 bottom
  • We press fit the bottom brushes for extra toughness and product longevity. No one else does that!
  • Soft poly bristles on the sides will clean away dirt and grime without damaging footwear. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Wash away buildup effortlessly with a garden hose, vacuum, or let the rain do the job!

Scrusher® Boot Brushes are proudly made and assembled in the USA. Quality you can trust, durability that endures.

To view more Scrushers with a decorative touch please check out our Original SCRUSHER® with Personalized Base or the Deluxe Scrusher® with Personalized Base.

† Conversion is approximate. Price will be charged as $79.99 USD.

Examples of the decorative designs can be seen here.

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