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Sandy Sand & Beach SCRUSHER® Shoe Brush

Sandy Sand & Beach SCRUSHER®

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Item#: SB5USB

Introducing our latest addition to the SCRUSHER® family – Sandy, the Sand & Beach SCRUSHER®. It has the same great features as the Big Boot SCRUSHER® but designed to deliver a gentler touch with a more vibrant look. The Sandy SCRUSHER® has the softest bristles we've ever used. All five brushes are equipped with soft bristles made from Tampico, a natural fiber renowned for its excellent water-wicking properties and its ability to effectively remove sand.

Perfect for year-round use, Sandy is ideal for beaches, lakes, rivers, RVs, travel trailers, or cabins. Whether you're on a summer getaway or enjoying the great outdoors, the Sandy SCRUSHER® is your go-to solution for keeping sand at bay.

New Features!

Softer bristles all around. We used Tampico, a natural fiber with excellent water wicking properties and fine enough to remove sand.

Beautiful Aqua Blue UV powder-coated finish.

Same great features:

  • Elevated base enhances its stability, stops debris from building up and makes cleaning even easier.
  • 4.5” inches between the side brushes makes this a perfect fit for any shoe size.  
  • Durable hard maple wood brushes are beautiful and long lasting.
  • Designed with 5 evenly spaced boot brushes.
  • Press fit bottom brushes for extra toughness and product longevity.
  • Weather-resistant steel frame with a sleek UV powder-coated finish lets Sandy to withstand all types of weather outside.
  • Portable for enhanced functionality, it’s easy to pick up and use anywhere!
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Wash away buildup effortlessly with a garden hose, vacuum, or let the rain do the job!

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