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Original Scrusher® Boot Brush / Boot Scrubber

Original SCRUSHER®

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Keep dirt outdoors not on your floors with the Original Scrusher® boot brush and shoe cleaner. Everyone loves the great outdoors except when it’s tracked across the carpet. Now there’s a way to keep the outdoors where it belongs. With just a few passes through the brushes the Original Scrusher® boot brush removes dirt, mud and slush from any type of shoe.

Whether you call it a shoe brush, outdoor boot cleaner, boot scraper, boot scrubber, or the best boot brush -Scrusher® is the first, the authentic and the original! 

Scrushers® make a great gift! Add a decorative base or make it your own and add a personalized Base to your Scrusher® too!

  • The first boot brush station we built to be used at home- it’s the Original!
  • Scrushers® are designed for year round use.
  • Weather-resistant steel frame with a sleek black UV powder-coated finish. 
  • Durable hard maple wood brushes are beautiful and long lasting.
  • This boot scraper is designed with 4 evenly spaced brushes - 2 side and 2 bottom.  
  • We press fit the bottom boot brushes for extra toughness and product longevity. No one else does that! 
  • The soft poly bristles on the sides and bottom will clean away dirt and grime without damaging footwear. 
  • All Scrusher® boot cleaners are easy to clean and maintain. Wash away buildup effortlessly with a garden hose, vacuum, or let the rain do the job!
  • Can be used with our Portable Base or mounted to any flat surface (screws not included).  
  • Includes mounting instructions.
  • Replacement brushes available.

Scrusher® Boot Brushes are proudly made and assembled in the USA. Quality you can trust, durability that endures.

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